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Spy Web: International Espionage uncovers some of the most fascinating spying and espionage stories which helped win victory in the most harrowing of circumstances. Throughout history, espionage and covert operations have been powerful but shadowy forces. Hidden deep within the daily workings of governments is a secret world of mystery, danger, and intrigue. A world where deception is a form of art. Where people are never who they say they are. Where the tiniest observation has the power to save a nation or spark a global war. The world of the spy is what most of us associate with popular fiction and film but the true story can be more fascinating, surprising, and important. From World War I onward, these revelations alter the way in which history is viewed--and the bravery of the intelligence services--especially those working behind enemy lines. This is the story of spies, intelligence operations and deceptions that changed the course of history.

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

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Nuclear espionage is the purposeful giving of state secrets regarding nuclear weapons to other states without authorization (espionage). During the history of nuclear weapons there have been many cases of known nuclear espionage, and also many cases of suspected or alleged espionage. Because nuclear weapons are generally considered the most important of state secrets, all nations with nuclear weapons have strict restrictions against the giving of information relating to nuclear weapon design, stockpiles, delivery systems, and deployment. States are also limited in their making public of weapon information by non-proliferation agreements.

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