Babylon - Netflix

Razor-sharp comedy drama that takes a wry look at the people and politics of London's police force. With James Nesbitt and Brit Marling.

Babylon - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 65 minutes

Premier: 2014-11-13

Babylon - Babylon A.D. - Netflix

Babylon A.D. is a 2008 English-language science fiction action film based on the novel Babylon Babies by Maurice Georges Dantec. The film was directed by Mathieu Kassovitz and stars Vin Diesel, Mélanie Thierry, Michelle Yeoh, Lambert Wilson, Mark Strong, Jérôme Le Banner, Charlotte Rampling, and Gérard Depardieu. It was released on 29 August 2008 in the United States. It is an international co-production between France, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Babylon - Main cast - Netflix

Vin Diesel as Hugo Toorop, a mercenary and a former Marine (full name is “Hugo Cornelius Toorop” in Babylon Babies novel). He is a professional smuggler from upstate New York, who has been deported to Eastern Europe where he does mercenary jobs as a smuggler. He's an expert in advanced weaponry, hand-to-hand combat, tactics and culinary. Michelle Yeoh as Sister Rebeka, a nun from an ascetic branch of the Noelites. She's originally from San Francisco. When she was 17-year-old, she joined the Noelites in order to escape an abusive relationship. She ended up in their Mongolian convent where she became Aurora's guardian. Mélanie Thierry as Aurora, a young woman who's been given shelter by the Noelite nuns. Since when she was a child, she showed supernatural knowledge in all kind of fields and at 2-year-old she was already able to speak 19 languages. She can also sense danger. Gérard Depardieu as Gorsky, a wealthy Russian mobster who hires Toorop to transport Aurora to the United States on behalf of the Noelite Church. He owns a private army and lives inside a heavily armored truck fitted like a limo, constantly surrounded by a convoy of his soldiers. Charlotte Rampling as the CEO of the Noelite church. She does not really care about the religion, she only seeks power and wealth. She's planning to use science to produce miracles, thus extending the popularity and reach of her church. Mark Strong as Finn, a Russian smuggler who's an old associate of Toorop's. He helps taking Aurora across borders, yet Toorop doesn't entirely trust him. Lambert Wilson as Dr. Arthur Darquandier, Aurora's father who was thought to be dead. David Belle as Hacker Kid, the leader of Darquandier's henchmen who are following Toorop and Aurora to America. Jérôme Le Banner as Killa, an underground fighter.

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