Australia's Deadliest - Netflix

Australia is a country of vast landscapes and raw beauty, and home to some of the most venomous and deadly animals in the world. These predators can kill a human in seconds. In this incredible new series, we tell real life survival stories of people who have come close to death at the jaws of Australia's deadliest animals. The survivors share their stories in their own words, and explain how their experiences irrevocably changed their lives. Australia's Deadliest is a dramatic and compelling new series with extraordinary tales and gripping re-enactments.

Australia's Deadliest - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2013-05-10

Australia's Deadliest - William Booth Memorial Home fire - Netflix

The William Booth Memorial Home fire occurred on 13 August 1966 at the William Booth Memorial Home for destitute and alcoholic men in Melbourne, Australia, and remains the nation's deadliest building fire. It started on the third floor after a boarder knocked over an illegal heater. The fire smoldered for several hours in room #1 and exploded after a fellow boarder opened the room's door. A backdraft and flashover ensued, and fire and smoke engulfed the third and fourth floors. Most of the 30 men who died were caged in their cyclone mesh-covered rooms and had no time to escape.

Australia's Deadliest - Aftermath and remembrance - Netflix

On the 50th anniversary, 13 August 2016, a plaque was laid where the original building once stood. The ceremony was conducted by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade’s Acting Deputy Chief Fire Officer Robert Purcell and Major Brendan Nottle from The Salvation Army. The plaque was paid for by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. A service was then held at The Salvation Army Temple, Bourke Street. It was led by Major Brendan Nottle and replicated the service of 50 years ago which remembered 15 of the deceased who were unclaimed by relatives. A mini documentary was made by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (Melbourne) featuring interviews with the fire fighters and footage of the conflagration. A Movietone News clip was produced after the fire. The footage was shot by Clive Banfield, a 19-year-old freelance news cameraman.

Australia's Deadliest - References - Netflix